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Upon joining the community, you’ll be entered into private clubs of up to 25 other people. These are spaces to network, ask for advice and learn from others in the club. Clubs are based on profession, location, industry and your employment status. Every month there is a new club discussion theme.

You’ll be matched with up to four other people in your profession to get to know each other. You can discuss the details of your role, form stronger network relationships, and support one other as your careers progress.

All members are invited to virtual and in-person events hosted by Tech Careers Club free of charge. We host virtual panel discussions every month on tech subjects like starting out in contracting, what needs to change for women in tech, and the role of AI in our jobs.

Every member gets access to all community resources and training materials, alongside recordings of past community events and virtual panel discussions. This includes jobs and news.

Exclusive to community members are free Career Cohorts. These are small groups who are paired with a qualified career coach who has 10+ years of experience working in tech. You will work through particular career situations and circumstances together.

Members are also be eligible for subsidised 1-2-1 career coaching from Tech Careers Club.

Every week, a curated selection of the best jobs currently available in tech are posted to the Slack community.

You can get to know the people in your Tech Careers Club network with regular spotlights. These 15-minute Q&As are recorded with people in your community and shared as videos in the Slack channel of your Community Club.

We are a curated community of people in tech, so we ask you to complete a short application form to share some basic information about you and your work experiences.

Once you’ve been accepted into the Tech Careers Club community, you can access personalised career matching. Send a Slack message to the Admin and you’ll get a form so we can best match you to the people you want to meet.

Your application will be reviewed within a week, wherever possible. We’ll come back to you with any questions, before making a decision on the outcome.

If you have any questions about your application you can contact us at [email protected].

Once your application has been approved you’ll be entered into the community on Slack and be able to access all of the community features.
If your application is not approved, we’ll let you know why.

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